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Development and Design:

Our internal Development and Design teams make sure that you are being provided with high-standard products that meet your requirements, thanks to their strong industrial and production sense.

They strive to be proactive in suggesting improvements and in offering different options so you can choose the best solution according to your need.

Our company specializes in optimization, technology, new concepts and customization.


NewsPrint's IT experts have developed our own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System in order to provide high responsiveness to process your orders through pipeline. We have implemented a Secure System allowing immediate production directly from your data. Through this system, you can:

- select your products

- manage your orders

- track your orders with our "Click N' Track" system that records individual items from the production to the shipment steps, enabling both your suppliers and buyers to trace back online their orders in real time.

Production and Logistics:

NewsPrint’s philosophy is to accompany the Brands-Partners wherever they manufacture their Garments. This geographic and human proximity with Garments Manufacturers, our Clients, has proven to be a key factor in our long term partnership with both the Brands and the Clients.

We do not use subcontractors but invest locally so we can control the entire process and integrate the stages of production that have added-value, including consolidation and logistic.

This is the guarantee that all products comply with the Brands’ specifications and are delivered to Manufacturers already consolidated to feed the production lines.

Account Management and Customer Relationships Management (CRM):

Our Account managers ensure that we are working constructively towards solutions that meet your needs, based on their understanding of your strategy. They are here to add value to your business and build a sustainable partnership with all our customers.

Our CRM Teams are in charge of the relations with your Garment Manufacturers, our Clients. Located in each PrintShop, our CRM Teams answer Clients’ inquiries such as new product launch, stock availability, payment, order or shipping details. They work closely with the Account Managers, the Production and Logistics Teams to ensure projects run smoothly, that your items are available anytime and your orders handled in a fast and reliable way.

Need more details? Contact us!

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or use the Contact form online.

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