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Your Label Specialist @ Source

We offer an extensive variety of products including: Hangtags, Stickers and Care Labels with variable data printing, Woven Labels, Printed Labels, EAS Security Items with RF and AM technologies, RFID Labels, Accessories and Packaging Items.

Our sophisticated IT system, secured Data Centre and state-of-the-art machinery enable us to produce and deliver data-variable products within 36H.


Made from a comprehensive range of materials, each product is thoroughly studied in order to select the best manufacturing process, whilst meeting Brands’ specifications in every aspect, and in compliance with the latest environmental standards.

​Printing techniques and technical processes are carefully selected depending on each product’s specifications, with the aim of optimizing raw material consumption and the manufacturing cycle.


Our products comply with the Industry International Standards such as Oeko-Tex, Reach, etc.

Our Hangtags

It is no secret that Hangtags have a huge impact on Brand image and on a successful merchandising display. With Hangtags and variable data printing being NewsPrint's initial core business, we master all kinds of supportsshapes and printing techniques with all the finishes possible.

Stock of Neutrals is ready in each PrintShop so that once Client’s order is confirmed on our Web Ordering Platform, we deliver Hangtags within few days, thanks to our fully automatic, ultra-speed printing production.

Our Stickers

In rolls or in sheets format, up to 8 colors printing, Permanent or Removable Stickers, Barcode and Logistic Stickers, NewsPrint provides any type of stickers made of paper, polypropylene, polyethylene...

Our expertise will lead you to the most appropriate selection for your products.

Our Labels

We ensure correct materials and technologies are selected to meet  each Brand’s requirements in term of industry regulations, product utilization, price and quality level, aspect, hand feel, dimensions, etc.

Woven and Printed Labels

As a proof of authenticity and of your Brand value, we select the best yarns, weaving and cutting techniques: taffeta, polyester, satin, acetate and cotton tapes; conventional shuttle loom to broad loom; ultra sound or traditional heat cut; various finishes and treatments and ultimately all types of fold.

Care Labels and Barcode Labels

We offer global solutions for this complex item and guarantee the consistency and correctness of the information: High resolution printing, wide substrates sourcing (polyester, taffeta, satin), specific treatments, multilingual variable data printing, dynamic Care Labels with single or multi pages.

Electronic Article Surveillance

EAS regroups a category of products that prevent merchandise from shoplifting.

Any Tag or Label equipped with this effective technology will simply trigger an alarm when passing through the EAS security gates located at exit.

These tags or labels can be easily removed or "deactivated" at the cashier after items are properly bought or checked out.

This technology is known as system's resonant frequencies .


​We provide two different types of EAS products:

  • AM (Acousto-Magnetic) with or without Woven or Polyester Pocket LabelsAM can be provided by roll or sheet, with a sticker at back. Most commonly, and because of its thickness (1.7 mm. +/- 0.2) we are offering this item within a pocket of Woven or Polyester Satin or Taffeta, that can be printed.

  • RF (Radio Frequency) Woven or Polyester Pocket Labels, Paper Hangtags and Stickers. An RF label is first commonly a sticker (flat) on which is printed an electrical circuit composed of aluminium flakes and an antenna. NewsPrint is specialized into the conversion of RF Sticker by integration (“sandwich” process) between two layers of paper or polyester fabric. It becomes then totally invisible. A RF sticker can also be integrated into a pocket of Woven or Polyester Satin or Taffeta.

Radio-Frequency Identification

RFID Labels go one huge step further in terms of technology and effective applications.

Composed by an antenna and a memory chip (inlay) printed and integrated onto a plastic film, a RFID Label allows information storage. It can be detected and read at distance most generally set at 3 to 5 meters for the garment industry.


They present multiple advantages, such as individual product identification, supply-chain tracking or real-time inventory. They can also be coupled with security system and detection gates at store exit to prevent shoplifting. These RFID Labels can further be combined with new Apps in order to ultimately increase sales performances.


NewsPrint is specialized into the conversion processes to combine the RFID inlays with several other materials such as Paper, Stickers of Polyester Taffeta.

All NewsPrint PrintShops are equipped with encoding tables with online QC to load (encode) the memory chips before shipping them to the factories.


The tagging process of those RFID products is streamlined by @Source tagging (at the Manufacturer’s), resulting in huge time and financial savings.


Over the years and at the request of our Clients, we have extended our product range so that they can order from us all the textile accessories they need.


Hangers, Hooks & Size clips

We provide items that meet your requirements:

· any shapes and functionality (garment, underwear, swimwear)

· broad range of plastic materials

· any colors and finishing

· customized design

PVC Pouches – Thermoformed Plastic Box / Blister

Our expertise in plastic injection and plastic thermoforming guarantees the development of a product adapted to your needs and your criteria, be it at the level of the shape, the material, the price positioning or the environmental norms.


Strings, Cords, Swifts, Links & Safety Pins

We also offer a wide range of strings, cords, links and pins to attach the Hangtag to the garment in order to enhance and add value to the product.


​Woven & Embroidery Patches

A must-have accessory for fashion, Patches and Embroideries are also available in different qualities of supports/surfaces/ substrates, yarns, construction and finishing.


As a logical expansion of its manufacturing expertise, NewsPrint has stepped over the years into the Packaging industry and we provide a wide range of products to suit your occasions:

  • Boxes

  • Paper packaging

  • Plastic packaging

  • Metal packaging

  • Carrier and Shopping Bags

Need more details? Contact us!

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or use the Contact form online.

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