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(Radio-Frequency Identification)

For an effective Identification, Traceability & Security through your Supply Chain


RFID is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic coupling in a radio frequency (RF) range to uniquely identify an object


A RFID tag is composed by an antenna and a memory chip (inlay) that are respectively printed and integrated onto a thin plastic film as base. This RFID base is generally laminated with an adhesive that enter into the conversion process.  


The chip can store information which can be read at distance all along the supply chain.

The chip can be selected from various existing dimensions and memory capacity, or tailor made for large volume.

The size of the antenna is an important factor that determines the reading distance. Most generally, the detection distance is set to 3 to 5 meters for the garment industry.

The purposes of RFID are multiple such as individual product identification, supply-chain tracking, or real-time inventory or even security and can be combined with new Apps in order to ultimately increase sales.

  • For Traceability from manufacturing, through your logistic chain, up to your sales floors

The RFID tag contains information that can be unique. This is an individual product identification process. As a result you can identify each and every item with your specific unique data.

  • For an accurate and fast Stock Monitoring & Live Inventory

The stock reliability rate is close to 98%. RFID helps you increase your profitability by making fewer mistakes in stock inventory and improving your stock management.

  • For Tracking within your Supply Chain

RFID technology facilitates item localisation in a store or in a warehouse through the tracking function integrated on all RFID readers. RFID readers could be mobile and are very easy to use.

  • For Multi-Channel Sales Support & Sales increase

Get more interactions with your end-customer.

Knowing your customer better, understanding and monitoring precisely how your customer is  interacting within your sales area in your stores is now possible by coupling the RFID technology with additional specific software (motion detection) and equipment (readers).


The multi channel concept will transform your store into a mini warehouse capable to deliver your customers within a delimited area and an effective time frame. The RFID system will surely give you the necessary backbone for your performance.


RFID integrates NFC (Near Field Communication) intelligent tags that can be read by the customer with a simple NFC Smartphone.


​RFID can further be combined with new Apps in order to ultimately increase sales performances.

  • For Fast Checkout

You can simultaneously read several labels, even invisible, on any cash register equipped with a RFID reader. Fast contactless checkout is one of the key for success for any brand tomorrow.

  • For Security

Coupled with security system and detection gates at store exit to prevent shoplifting, RFID can be used to identify whether the protected item device item has been paid or not. If the protected device has not been paid, the system can identify it and that would trigger the alarm.

Identify your product
Optimize your inventory
Track your goods
Improve your sales support
Save time at checkout
Prevent from shoplifting

NewsPrint ID Systems 

or the RFID Solution provided by NewsPrint


NewsPrint is specialized into the conversion process which combines the RFID inlay with several other materials such as Paper, Stickers of Polyester Taffeta.


Production/conversion of RFID Tags and Labels by NewsPrint is centralized in one central factory in China, with an investment of latest automatic machines. One unique production centre for all RFID materials assure constant and reliable quality.


Production capacity of RFID Tags & Labels is planned for about 400 million pieces / year.


RFID base materials are then shipped to NewsPrint PrintShops in Asia and Europe to be printed then encoded on demand, before shipment to final destinations to the garment makers.

This is what we called RFID @ Source.


  • RFID @ Source

All NewsPrint PrintShops are equipped with encoding tables with online QC to load (encode) the memory chips before shipping them to the garment makers.


Delivering directly the encoded RFID Tags as final product to the garment makers ensure optimum lead time from manufacturing place to assembly line.

The direct supply @ Source further eliminates expensive labor related costs for any tagging operations located in Brands’ warehouses or stores.​ The result is simply measured by very large saving in time and costs for the Brand.


We believe that quality and reliability are key points when RFID is involved. Controlling our PrintShops, 100% wholly owned by NewsPrint Group (with no sub-contracting), together with our expertise in data management are two fundamentals that a Brand shall value when choosing its RFID business partner.

RFID UPC sticker

RFID Care Label

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