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Global deals local expertise
Global Deals, Local Expertise

NewsPrint is always thinking ahead and invests heavily in new technologies and offers its expertise in:

  • Local markets (wholly-owned Print shops, no subcontractors)

  • Data management (EDI, coding verification, TIER II data centre protection)

  • Variable Data Printing

  • @Source tagging capability

  • Printing techniques


@ Source tagging

Source tagging represents huge savings for the brands in terms of time and costs: with all tagging done @ source by the manufacturers, the benefits for the brands are many:


- Improve margins

With source tagging, both the cost of the tag and the application of the tag are moved at the source of the product, thus allowing a better margin for the brand. There is also less damage through incorrect tagging. 

- Boost productivity

Tagging at source means your retail staff don't need to waste their time applying an endless amount of tags to your products. It also decreases the time it takes to get products to the sales floor. 

- Increase sales

Now that staff aren't spending a lot of their time tagging, they can spend it selling to customers instead. Source tagging also improves product availability and decreases the amount of damaged stock.

Web Ordering Platform

Created with and for clients, NewsPrint’s Web Ordering Platform is the market’s most advanced, featuring an intuitive and modern interface. 

We have developed tailor-made ordering tools to fit your unique needs and incorporated a Secure System to allow immediate production directly from your data.

Our CLICK N’ TRACK system records individual items, from the production to shipment steps, and enables both your suppliers and your buyers to trace back all orders online with real-time update.

Secure network

Highly Secure Network

NewsPrint Hong-Kong has been designed as the IT Hub of NewsPrint Group.


Through NewsPrint’s own ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning system), Brands can transfer daily by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) numerous data and variables related to each order, with every single information that will be either printed or encoded.


This represents a very large volume of data every day, that is securely stored in NewsPrint’s Data Centre Tier 2 grade (highly protected temperature-controlled and hygrometric-constant environment).


NewsPrint IT Department with its IT professionals, systems specialists and business analysts, is fully dedicated to its missions. This department is counting for 25% of the Head Office’s headcount.


With constant upgrade of our systems and the latest available technology with fast data transfer capabilities (dedicated optical fiber line), NewsPrint’s Hong-Kong is acting as the source for any Data exchange with Brands, and as base for all NewsPrint’s network, assuring total control and security of your data, leaving absolutely no space for error.



Garment labels
Web Ordering Platform
Techniques & Specificities

NewsPrint only uses the latest state-of-the-art machineries and masters all types of printing techniques: silkscreen, offset, thermo-transfer, digital printing, serigraphy etc.

Our permanent commitment is to optimize the best industrial process in order to obtain the best product at the best price and in the shortest time possible, in order to meet the increasingly challenging demands of our Industry.


Environmentally-conscious, NewsPrint possesses all certificates such as Oeko-Tex®, REACH, etc and all the PrintShops are ISO certified. Printing is done with soy-based inks, which are less harmful to the environment.

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